Weir Brothers Entertainment LLC is an independent record label based in Los Angeles distributed by Ingrooves/Fontana established in 2006. Founded by brothers Larry Weir, Tom Weir, and their sister Estelle Harrison all former members of their family band The Weirz.

Weir Brothers Entertainment releases an eclectic blend of artists and record production (Michael Damian, Buck McCoy, Heather Youmans). The company also provides music for Film and Television. Releases include soundtracks for the movies Flicka 2, Marley and Me the Puppy Years, and Moondance Alexander. The newly released motion picture, “The Sweeter Side of Life” currently running on the Hallmark Channel, has a number of Weir Brother produced music tracks. The company just contributed most all of the background music for this year’s Independent Music Network Awards. In the late 80′s the Weir Brothers provided most of the music for the motion picture “Teen Witch” that has become a cult classic still airing on the ABC Family Channel.

Tom Weir

Grammy award winning mixer engineer and owner of Studio City Sound. He also producer of the Billboard’s Number one hit “Rock On”. His credits include: Rod Stewart, No Doubt, Weezer, Phantom Planet, Neil Peart, Eric Clapton, Eric Benét, Blondie, Toots and the Maytals, Keith Richards, Dwight Youkam, and Bonnie Raitt. Billboard number one record producer.

Estelle Harrison

Has worked in management for Michael Damian during the 1989-’91 “Rock On Tour”. She currently works as Manager of Studio City Sound.

Larry Weir

A Producer, songwriter, and managing editor of New music Weekly magazine. He has been producing songs since the early eighties including Michael Damian’s hit “Rock On” and “Was it Nothing At All” as well as the soundtracks for “Marley and Me The Puppy Years” and “Moondance Alexander”

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