Various Artists

  1. Finest Hour Sara Niemietz with Blake Ewing
  2. Never Gonna Be the Same Again Heather Youmans
  3. Dream Lover Sara Niemietz
  4. High School Blues Bryce Blue & V-Style
  5. I Like Boys Alycia Adler, Monet Lerner & Tessa Ludwick
  6. I Keep On Falling Blake Ewing
  7. Shame Alycia Adler, Monet Lerner & Tessa Ludwick
  8. She’s Put a Spell On You Ashley Crowe
  9. Popular Girl Sara Niemietz featuring V-Style
  10. Top That Bryce Blue & Lauren Patten with V-Style
  11. Fool for Love Blake Ewing
  12. What Are You Doing About Love? Sara Niemietz
  13. Get Up & Move Heather Youmans
  14. Finest Hour Instrumental Teen Witch

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